Zombies have overrun the world of Don't Bite Me Bro! It's up to you to fight them off and save the planet.

Zombie Edit

Zombies are the standard enemies. Slow-moving, one on its own may not cause much of a problem. But a horde of them may leave you running for your life. They are attracted to loud noises, so save your bullets!

Abomination Edit

Like Zombies, only slower, stronger, and double their size.

Feral Zombies & Abominations Edit

Feral Zombies & Abominations are faster, meaner, and redder than their green brothers and sisters. Corpses of green zombies will come back to life--again--as a Feral if you spend too much time around them.

Pregnant Zombie Edit

The undead curse spares nobody! These enemies spawn Unborn Zombies on death.

Baby Zombie Edit

Free from their host, an Unborn will sit in place and let out a piercing cry! Defeat it quickly before it can find its walking strength and get revenge for their undead mum.

Explosivo Edit

From the depths The Ancient Cave come the Explosivos. Hurry! The dynamite lodged into their flesh is just waiting to explode.

Vom-Zom Edit

Full of acidic bile and will projectile vomit in a cone in front of itself. Keep your distance! A light spray won't hurt much but getting completely hosed will leave you reeling. Near instant death if two of them catch you!

Incubator Edit

Giant Abomination Edit

A grotesque sight to behold. A massive collection of bodies hidden deep in the Church's mausoleum. An Orb sits in its "head". Damaging it will wake its zombie riddled crust, spawning feral zombies!